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 Just out of the SHOW OFF!

My body is part of this world, but my spirit is a cosmic experience...

I am here as a wood-artist-sculptor, husband, father and lover of LIFE...
I am also an electrical being, producing my own bioelectricity AC, EC, DC & magnetic currency to run through my nerves system, through which I can feel emotions, act and react.

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 Our body has 24 VERTEBRAE, and within Tibetan Pulsing, we also have as many organs in the body.

Each one has its own frequency and job; to keep us in harmony and in balance.
For example: the Testes/Ovaries five us Vitality, it also changes electricity into LIGHT energy.
 SHOW OFF 2017 016

Our EYES are micro-chips of our nervous system which gives us our consciousness, tey show the state of the nervous system / experience, and are the expression of the SOUL. We are like a musical instrument; we need to be TUNED to be in harmony with the inner and outer world.


Price: $ 1750.00

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