Our Dance is Forever (Dheeraj)

 I discovered Tibetan Pulsing in one of my Trips to India years before I decided to go deeper in my journey INWARDS.

In the last 27 years, I continued my training and Inner Dance with the Pulse beat in my everyday live.  The year 2000 was an important step for me, to change my cabinet/woodworking Business to PULSEART STUDIO, working with Wood Art and Musical Instruments.  Working and leading small groups in the Dreamharp making has taught me in Sound, Wood and active Medi

Our Dance is Forever 1


The important question was always, how can we tune our Body with SOUND, with this 12 string Instrument? To answer this I have to explain first what Tibetan Pulsing is.     

In short, it is the:

  • We are using the heart beat as a motor force for transforming the mind.
  • Transformation of the mind trough the magnetic force of the HEART
  • It is the strongest tool we have to free our self from PAIN, emotional suffering and psychological problems.

Every organ of our body resonates with a different frequency

With this understanding we can tune in and rebalance our BODY back to harmony.

All this accumulated personal difficulties manifest in our nervous system as bio-electrical blockages.

In Tibetan Pulsing we can dissolve blockages through a mediative combination of our tantric energy and the Pulse beat of our HEART and erase the negative program from our nervous system

 My previous yeOur Dance is Forever 2ars’ sculpture is a manifestation of knowing that there will be a shift for me again.

This Lilly Pilly Tree is a symbol for and expression of, what I am becoming aware of in my life journey of NOW.
  My body is part of this world, but my spirit is a cosmic experience.

I am here as a wood-artist-sculptor, husband, father and Lover of LIFE.

I am also an electrical being, producing my own bioelectricity AC, EC, DC & magnetic currency to run through my nerves system, through which I can feel emotions, act and react.

Our Dance is Forever 3
My Job – OUR job is to convert electricity into LIGHT; converting our INDIVIDUAL SELF from an electrical being (vibration) to a pure light being through the means of LOVE.

Our body has 24 vertebrae and within Tibetan Pulsing we also have as many organs in the body. Each one has its own frequency and job, to keep us in harmony and in balance.

For example, the Testes/Ovaries give us Vitality; it also changes electricity into LIGHT energy.

Our EYES are micro-chips of our nervous system which gives us our consciousness. They show the state of the nervous system; experience, and are the expression of the SOUL.

We are like a musical instrument; we need to be TUNED to be in harmony with the inner and outer world.Our Dance is Forever 4

Now in 2018 is the time to focus and share the Pulse beat with other people in small groups and individual Tibetan pulsing sessions.



Craftsman_Nis_WichtermannNisargam, Swiss-born, originally trained as a pattern maker and worked in large engineering/ foundry companies in Switzerland for several years. On his arrival to Australia more then 30 years ago he set up a business creating fine furniture and designing timber kitchens for many Perth households. Feeling somewhat limited and restricted in this work he yearned for some area of self-expression. Using wood as a medium he explored and extended his own creativity. 


sculpture_Ying_Yang_SmallPulse Art became reality in 1998 through the dream and desire of Nisargam and has grown into the Pulse Art Studio during that time.

Hundreds of people have been touched, moved and inspired by the magical quality of creating such a thing of beauty that can then be shared through the ease of which the Lyre can be played.

 Gratitude to The Tree

"I am the warmth of your home in cold winter nights.
The protecting shadow when the sun burns.
I am the attic of your house. The top of your table.
I am the bed in which you dream your dreams.
I am the handle of your axe. The door of your house.
I am the wood of your cradle and your coffin.
I am your companion from beginning to end."


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