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By Nadia
Dreamharp WS 2017 12 044

I have been working nights at the hospital Dec 23, 24 and 25. As you may remember, I work in an intensive care unit at one of the biggest trauma hospitals in the area.





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By Yvonne
Dreamharp WS 2017 02 031

Thank YOU for making this workshop possible and all your patience, knowledge, guidance and nurturing environment. It was truly a very soul enriching experience for me and I could not be happier with my precious and unique DreamHarp.





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By Kim Echammaal
Dreamharp WS 2016 10 044

Making my Dream Harp with Nis at Pulse Art Studio was a heartfelt and profound experience in many ways. Nis is such an expert and seamlessly guides you through the process.





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Several months ago, I was invited by the Baha’i Community to a Fundraising Dinner aimed at purchasing a Peace Pole for our community. Such a Pole serves to act as a silent prayer symbol for peace on earth; a peace that is sorely needed in these troubled times.
At the Dinner, the theme of peace was expressed through fellowship, speech, song and music.

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By  Laurie CochraneComment Laurie Cochrane
I have been playing my new Dreamharp today.
Thank you for sharing your skills, talents and patience with us.



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A POEM BY - LYN MONTEL-Lyn Montel Dreamharp 2008

I wrote this poem after the workshop,
I hope you like it. 

I met a man who made a harp,
he carved it from a tree
He carved it all with love and care,
then shared his skills with me.


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