By Nadia
Dreamharp WS 2017 12 044

I have been working nights at the hospital Dec 23, 24 and 25. As you may remember, I work in an intensive care unit at one of the biggest trauma hospitals in the area.






I thought I would bring my harp in to tune and play on my breaks but when it turned out that I was assigned to one of our patients who has been here a very long time, a woman permanently dependent on a ventilator (breathing machine) awaiting a bed in a community facility who is very alert and stable and able to communicate easily, I thought I would ask her if she would like to see my harp. She was delighted... Once I had her ready for bed, I went into her room and played the harp for her until she fell asleep (with a lovely smile on her lips). A few other nurses and staff saw me playing it and by morning I had shown it to many people and they, too, were enamoured by its sound and feel. The next night (24th) the patient I was caring for asked me to play it again and so I did. By morning, I felt brave enough to carry it through the halls of our unit softly playing, some of the other nurses were begging me to come home with them! Everyone absolutely loves the harp and I have met no resistance whatsoever, they can see and feel its therapeutic qualities. I am so pleased that I will be able to use the harp in my professional work here at the hospital! Tonight, I will be facilitating my first yoga class since returning home and sharing the harp with my friends there as well. Thank you for helping me to share this incredible offering with so many others, I am so grateful for this...

Sending you joyful vibes across the world, may light forever fill your heart

Nadia xoxo




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