Silvana Benacchio Dreamharp 2006



In gratitude to Nis, the Dream Harp Master,

When I first saw and heard a dream harp that a friend had created, I was totally mesmerized and just knew I had to create my own. Now, I don’t think I am particularly artistic/creative/crafty in the traditional sense, but after three days I had managed to make a most beautiful instrument. With the help of a beautiful, gentle, generous spirit by the name of Nis, a slab of wood evolved a life of its own and a relationship with me.


Basically, first the wood and I choose each other. We went off and communed with each other and developed a connection and a relationship evolved from that. It spoke to me and gave me its name and a design to help me understand it. From then came the physical work which at times I felt challenged by, Mind playing its old tricks of sabotage yet again (I would have thought I’d have learnt by now). Nis, the Master was always at hand, showing the way, encouraging and supporting me, the Master’s apprentice. (That’s how I amusingly but seriously thought of us).

After spending three days with my piece of tree, a real and living spirit emerged, like a grub emerging into a beautiful butterfly. This harp is not only mine, for it is a Universal harp. Whenever people see it or hear it, they are drawn to it as if by magic. They cannot help but touch it, strum it. And they fall in love with it, captivated by its charm.

If anyone has the opportunity to take part in one of Nis’ Dream Harp workshops, I would highly encourage you to take the plunge and immerse yourself in a world of Infinite Spirit.


Silvana BenacchioDreamharp Groupe 2006Geelong
November ‘06

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