I took part in a Lyre carving workshop conducted by Nisargam in October 2001 and loved every minute of it ! It was a wonderful experience to take a piece of rough sawn wood and , with the help of a skilled and patient teacher , turn it into a beautiful instrument.

As a Playgroup Leader at the time , I used the Lyre to call the
children to Storytime and settle them ready for listening.
My daughter ( 4 yrs old ) immediately took to playing it whenever she could at home , always producing beautiful music. It always has a very calming effect on her.

 This year I began teaching Class 1 and have used it regularly in the classroom. The children love to play it , listen to it and identify the songs they sing and play on their recorders. They play it freely by improvising and seem to really enjoy the freedom to 'play', discovering the music they make pontaneously.

It is truly a beautiful instrument to have in the classroom and the calming effect is a real bonus at times !

~ Susan Thomson ~



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