A POEM BY - LYN MONTEL-Lyn Montel Dreamharp 2008

I wrote this poem after the workshop,
I hope you like it. 

I met a man who made a harp,
he carved it from a tree
He carved it all with love and care,
then shared his skills with me.


Dreamharp Groupe May 2008

I chose my wood and chisled deep,
carved and shaped with care,
And all the while I toiled with love,
harp music filled the air.
Beneath my hands I felt her heart,

her life, her form, her shape.
I cut away the wood with ease,
for her spirit to escape.

Now I have my harp to play
I've set her spirit free
I gently strum her strings of gold.
and she sweetly sings for me.



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