The Making of a Dreamharp by Danica Wichtermann

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From November 23-25th 2007 I attended a Dreamharp workshop with Nis.

I have had little experience with carving and worked with wood a bit when I was at the Perth Waldorf School as a kid. I am now also studying Art at uni doing my majors in Painting and Ceramics, but creating a musical instrument out of a piece of wood has been a completely new experience of exploration of a unique material, which is able to express time, growth, colour, form and texture without you doing anything to it.

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I took part in a Lyre carving workshop conducted by Nisargam in October 2001 and loved every minute of it ! It was a wonderful experience to take a piece of rough sawn wood and , with the help of a skilled and patient teacher , turn it into a beautiful instrument.

As a Playgroup Leader at the time , I used the Lyre to call the
children to Storytime and settle them ready for listening.
My daughter ( 4 yrs old ) immediately took to playing it whenever she could at home , always producing beautiful music. It always has a very calming effect on her.

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Silvana Benacchio Dreamharp 2006



In gratitude to Nis, the Dream Harp Master,

When I first saw and heard a dream harp that a friend had created, I was totally mesmerized and just knew I had to create my own. Now, I don’t think I am particularly artistic/creative/crafty in the traditional sense, but after three days I had managed to make a most beautiful instrument. With the help of a beautiful, gentle, generous spirit by the name of Nis, a slab of wood evolved a life of its own and a relationship with me.

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