The Philosophy

An opportunity presented itself to him a few years later that commenced this process. Being a parent at the Perth Waldorf School, he was approached by teachers and parents to create a new form to the traditional wooden Box Lyre commonly played by students in Waldorf schools. This initiated a series of workshops where Nisargam taught many parents over several years how to make these instruments.

Then an inner change occurred that led Nisargam to Italy to undertake training in Tibetan Pulsing. He discovered and experienced that there is a direct link between sound/vibration and healing.

The Tibetan monks for 1000's of years had known that sound vibration resonating in different organs in the body create balance and healing to the body.

This fascinated Nisargam and he returned to his workshop with renewed inspiration and awareness for his work, especially toward the soft, calming resonate sounds of the lyre- likening the playing and creating of this music to the meditative and healing process.

"Pulse Art Studio" was born and with it a new way of working with wood, which included the creation of the Dreamharp, a lyre carved and formed completely out of one piece of wood.

This process enables the creators, unaided by power tools, to sculpt and form their musical instrument from beginning to end through their will and relationship to the wood in their hands.

The final detail of sanding, oiling, stringing and tuning their instrument and then playing it, is the sweet reward of the effort of the will to carve a form from the raw material.

Nisargam currently holds regular workshops leading people through this creative journey that the process of lyre making provides, and continues to work with his exploration of sound/vibration, healing and meditation.

Using a blend of traditional crafsmanship and new technologies, Nisargam is able to manufacture a lyre to your unique requirements. He specialises in Australia and recycled timbers.

From the selection of the timber to the number of strings, shape and size, Nisargam is happy to offer a no-cost, obligation free consultation to discuss your needs.


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