Dreamharp Workshop February

Friday, 19. February 2021 till Sunday, 21. February 2021 08:30 - 16:30

Day 1

Is all about creating your dream and forming a unique and personal symbol which will be incorporated into your design; Strengthening the will forces through carving and sculpting with special woodworking tools; Learning to go with the flow of life, letting go of tensions and allowing possible changes to take place within life, as well as the instrument you are forming; Carving with the grain of the wood and going on a unique journey.

Day 2

Exploration of self, and the symbol you are creating - what does it mean for you - what purpose does it have in your life. Creating a three dimensional form; Shaping the outside of your Dreamharp which also centres the inside; Explore harmony, beat and rhythm.

Day 3

Finishing and fine tuning your instrument - waxing, polishing and adding stings. Playing, strumming and letting go of the mind; Creating music and having a jam!

Making of a Dreamharp

Registration possible
Closing date
2021-02-18, 18:00
Nis Wichtermann
AUD $ 530.00 p.p.*
AUD $ 500.00 Early Bird (10 Days before start of Workshop)
AUD $ 220.00 Deposit (rest payment at cours beginn)
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