Dreamharps and Lyres can be ordered on commission


HalkaB Organics

The full range of PulseArt instruments are now also available at
Halka B. Organics in Fremantle 6160 WA


 Other Connecitons


Rediscover CeramicsDanica Wichermann Ceramic Artist
By working with clay and exploring the vessel as a metaphor for the body, Danica explores the notion of the usually unseen worlk, the hidden Southern aurora Books and Gifts essences within. View her ceramics work and explore this for yourself

Christine Morrison

Christine Morrison, Sound Healer
This is a fantastic article on THE ANCIENT PATH OF SOUND


Tibetan Pulsing


Padmasambhava, Todtmoos, Tibetan Pulsing Yoga



Uplift DesignUplift Design
I recommand Vibodha's personal and professional support in helping me take my business from a backyard business to the international market



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