13 - string lyre


13-string carved Lyre

It is now possible to make a 13 string lyre which is sculpted out of one piece of wood in a 3 day workshop.

As it is diatonicly tuned it can be used by more advanced players, allowing you to play traditional written music.

It is tuned to middle D but you can tune the instument to play sharps and flats, as you like.

13 string carved lyres


13-string Box-Lyre

The 13 String Sound Box Lyre plays beautifully due to its internal resonance box. The sound from this Lyre tends to be a more expressive, outward sounding instrument.

This hand-finished lyre is now available in beautifitul warm Western Australian Sheok timber, with an Australian Cedar soundboard, and finished in environmentally friendly "Livos" plant resin (linseed-based) and natural beeswax.


13 string box lyres

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