Some say the Lyre represents the underlying numerical harmony of the universe and that everything in the universe is in a state of vibration. If you consider the chair you sit on, the floor you stand upon and the earth and trees, they are all in a state of vibration. Sound may also be understood as being vibration.

Pulseart's representation of the Dreamharp is based on these same principles and tuned to the pentatonic scale. By working with wood and strings Nis explores a deeper understanding between body and spirit and how we can harmonise with the universe through sound vibration.

Every organ, bone and tissue in the body has its own separate resonant frequency. This means individuals have their own vibration rate and resonance.

Through plucking and playing the Dreamharp we are able to harmonise these frequencies. Our body acts as a musical instrument and can be tuned and healed.

Each chakra acts as an antenna to connect us with what is going on in our environment. They are receivers of vibrational energy, which in turn provides information to help us to know ourselves and realise our inherit potential.

What is your potential in Life?

 Dreamharp with stand

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