The process behind making a dreamharp or lyre

For many people only an appreciation of music exists. Actually creating your own music is not areal possibility in everyday life.
PulseArt Studio allows you to create an instrument as an expression, and then appreciate not only the immense pleasure in playing that instrument, but the joy of having created the vehicle through which the magic is made.
Hands-on Lyre Making Workshops, allow you to capture that sense of one-ness through working with the wood.
Schools have been using the Lyre as part of their musical ensemble, as it is very easy to learn and provides a divine melody.

This pentatonic instrument allows one to truly get away from posessing knowledge of stringed instruments and explore ones own inner music.
A Dreamharp resonates. It vibrates. It creates sound from wood and love.
The Dreahmarp allows you to create your own symbol of inner expression. Once strung, your creativity is transformed into sound and musical vibration.
Music from the dreamharp is a natural healer.
Its curved shape fits into the body of the player, and as the strings are strummed, its vibrations are felt through the body.
It produces a relaxing feeling that can also be used in meditation. This new expression of exploring music and wood is truly a wonder.
Dreaming, and creating your own music comes closest to true meditation.

7 string lyre txt 13 String Box Lyre 1   Box Lyre txt

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